Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oktober 8th, 2006

October 1 Audience, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Hi there.

Ok, here is a list of possible scenarios for the Okt. 8th show:

(in no particular order)

Ruthe Shiroma sits at the piano this week and introduces the Dark Night audience to her vocal chords. Rumors are circulating that Ruth will be accompanied by Norm Foster (of the Honolulu Symphony) on clarinet.

Jerome James will leave his drums at home and join us on stage with a computer and two vocalists. It's his 30th birthday, he can do what he wants.

I might talk to an artist from France.

Jason Silverstein said he would be there. Were going to share perspectives on stuff. Culture, Drugs, Social Isssues, or none of the above.

Joel will be there. He has a new music video that he shot last week. We, however, haven't the means to share that with you.

Seph One promised to resist becoming enthralled by the compelling mystery of life just long enough to complete his journey to the stage tomorrow. Well, I didn't actually make him promise. I probably should have. Instead of trying to bind Seph One to his words, I opted for the guilt trip (how can you deny such a nice audience your presense? Think of the children...) Well see if it worked tomorrow.

Jeff Gere is gearing up for the annual Talk Story Festival. He will be dropping in to talk about that, and maybe bring a guest story teller.

Amy was supposed to think of something funny to do.

Stay Tuned....


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