Monday, November 06, 2006


JEFF GERE, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

We filmed footage for the pilot last night.

Esperitu Libre covered Ooklas spot and did a fine job of it.

I sit on the couch on the stage through the whole show. The latin rhythims were in the hips of Cheryl Bartlet (vocalist for the band) and were moving her very effectively. She turned and caught me appreciating her physical interpretation of the music, then smiled and pointed at me crooking her finger in the come hither manner. I politely declined by shaking my head violently left and right. She wouldn't be denied and persisted as the music played hyptnotically. I again demured by trying to climb behind the couch, but I couldn't break eye contact. Against my will I ceased climbing over the couch and found myself drawn to her. She took my hands and gave instructions and I did my best to follow. I was terrified, close to mortified. but I moved. I think the crowd cheered. I don't remember. I was having a near death experience. She was kind when she saw my terror and told me to spin her so the pressure was off my lack of rhythm.

Yep. We had to be filming last night.

Next weeks line up coming up...

Stay Tuned...


(hold please......)


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