Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov. 19th

Darks_, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.


Malcognitas will be there.

Citizen Fury is booked as well.

Troy DeRoche will play the flute Native American Style, and his wife Liz will tell a story.

Willow Chang will sing or dance, I'm not sure which yet.

It's going to be a hellatios show, and the last one for a bit, I think. We have to take a break to work on the pilot edititing, then there is all the Holiday hubub. So, come while you still can and lets go nuts. There won't be any "official" filming. It may be January before the show happens again.


Stay Tuned...


Blogger ozzi said...

Hey there Dark Sevier.

I found this on

""I want these local Meetups because I have a local talkshow and am interested in interviewing participants. ("

I I was just exited to inform you that we created a group and PK is now alive in hawaii. Check the website out, it is still under construction but the work is being done.

Hit me up at


"Live Free, Run Free"

1:35 PM  

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