Friday, October 27, 2006


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No news. Wierd picture.

November 5th: A Dark Night Returns...

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Working on the lineup for the Nov. 5th show.

'Til then, here is an odd picture.

Stay Tuned...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taking a Break

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So, The earthquake took out one show, and the week after next the rRed Elephant has another event booked. So, we decided to skip the upcoming Sunday and return fresh for the taping of the pilot on Nov. 5th.

Just got off the phone with Jimbo, and I'm waiting final confirmation that Ooklah the Moc will be performing that night.

Stay Tuned for updates.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oct. 15th 2006

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So, there was an earthquake on Sunday. We were supposed to film the pilot of the show last night. It didn't happen.

I was shaken from a dream @ seven am by this world. I got up, went to the living room. Jason was on the couch from a gathering the night before. It woke him up too. He said that was the biggest eathquake he'd ever felt, then pulled the blanket back over his head. I'm California trained in eathquake survival. I grabbed my laptop from the glass table in the kitchen, my cell phone, and my camera , and took them back to bed.

And here is where the survival story of the Great Quake of '06 begins.

The power had been knocked out. Due to the outage my land line would not ring and I was forced to sleep soundly for several hours after the shocking events of the morning. Upon awakening I was faced with the undeniable reality of having no wireless internet service. I was cut off from the outside world. Except for my cell phone, and it only had four bars of charge left, barely enough to get me through the next day and a half. What was the damage? How many had died? Where was the epicenter? Was there a Tsunami after? How much toilet paper is in the house?

With these questions languidly osciliating through my un caffienated head I dialed Carson in Chicago.

"Hey Boo"
Good morning. We had an eathquake.
"I heard something about that. Is everything ok?"

I was hoping she could tell me. I told her that I was ok, and the house was fine ( though I think I did hear a beer bottle fall, and it might have had some backwash that spilled somewhere, but I didn't want to worry her with speculation when uncertainty was so high). She had to go and promised to call later .

I called Maddog in LA. He was just trying to get to sleep. It was about 2pm LA time. At a party the night before, someone had stolen his bag, which had his cell in it as well as the key to the Club on his steering wheel. He had just returned from securing an emergency replacement phone and hacksawing the Club off of his car. To lose both phone and wheels in Los Angeles is enough to crush the spirit of any Angelino, but Maddog rallied and overcame the obsticles, and still retained the energy to look for earthquake damage reports for his friend. He wasn't impressed with the results. Nor was I.

No deaths, not much damage, No tsunami.

TJ and Nick and I left for the rRed Elephant earlier than usual to help prep the studio for the filming. We managed to make the journey from Waimanalo to ChinaTown without the aid of traffic signals. We were left to our own judgement to decide when to cross an intersection. It was harrowing, yet, at the heart of the anxiety of being personally responsible swelled an undertone of empowerment.

Almost all the radio stations were simulcasting the same broadcast. Though the material infrastructure was spared, the illusion of diversity in mainstream media was shattered by the earth itself. One company, seven radio stations of varied demographics. A media gill net for consumers. Indra's doppleganger revealed.

This realization was not new for me, but sitting in the car at unregulated intersections and pushing the various presets of the car sterio only to find the same unmasked media monster stuttering with one uninspired rhetoric: it was almost too much for me. I thought of all those people out there, that listened to Power 106, or Island 98 or any other of Cox Communications tentacles. They were now going to have to listen to the speach patterns of air personalities that did not fit their specific stations demographic. Oh the humanity.

At the Elephant sat a handfull of regulars and a few I didn't recognise having ice coffees. Joey tells me that we won't be taping tonight, even if the power comes on.

But the show must go on. It keeps ringing in my head. The show must go on. A block party. yes. We'll have an all acoustic Dark Night @ the rRed Elephant. On a dark night. I went to the China Town precinct to inquire about the idea of a spontaneous block party on Bethel St. The police didn't like the idea. They seemed to think that it would be OK if we did it in the garage of the Marks Building., as long as it was ok with the owners. But really they thought people should just stay at home and wait for the power to come back on.

My cell phone had power, but the lines were overloaded with Hawai'i/Mainland are-you-ok phone traffic. I couldn't contact people very well. Amy fired up her camera and documented my attempt to rally the denizens of China Town to party in one particular spot on this particular evening. We had little to offer. I said that we would get Hibatchis for coffee and Tiki torches for stage lights.

But we didn't do that. When the ice coffee ran out and the ice cream was no longer frozen, Joey pulled the plug on the acoustic idea. Oh the dairy.

Amy had called Robin to come down from the North Shore to help document this block party. Now the Elephant was locked and we were hungry. And we couldn't get through to Robin.

So we abandoned the scene and converged at Amy's place near Monsarat, we foud a line extending from a darkened L&L . They were serving yesterdays beef curry, no rice, no mac salad. The curry ran out when I was three away from the counter. Two doors down there was a line streaming out of Diamond Head Pantry. Actually the line was inside the store. No light. The counter was run with a calculator and a flashlight. The people shopped by the light of their cell phones, and on the honor system. I decided to conserve my cell power and just grabbed the first bottle of wine that I could find. Then someone pointed me to the cheap wine and I grabbed two. and some protene bars. and some chocolate.

With the sun setting soon, we dicided that it would be best to find shelter from the inordinant amount of starlight radiating from an undiluted sky. Back at the Hale, neighbors rallied to our aid and found board shorts for us to use in the apartment pool. The good will I experienced from total strangers humbled me. I pulled out my stash of wine and showed them the bargain price, then told them where they could go get some of their own.

Power came back on after 10:00pm. Then went back off an hour later. It was spotty, but at last, the stars began to retreat. Amy finally reached Robin. He rallied and came with a friend to the site of the proposed block party. They were the only ones there.

I called Jonathan. He was at the Kauai airport catching a plane back, and would open up Ong King. He said two dudes from Ozomotli were in town and stopping by.

So TJ and I left Nick in the car to rest from the days events, while we went up to see the Ozo dudes at Ong King. Ten people tops in the joint. Johnathan on traps, Uly on guitar, and Shep on bass. I read a couple of peices and ranted on another. A dude on Sax whose name I don't know. So much fun on such a tragic day. There was another poet that was moved to walk on those grooves. Angry written rants on THEM, those people that don't get it, Don't get it like HE gets it.

So much more than all that took place within my perceptive field. Some of what I wrote may not have.

Stay Tuned...

Yes, so there was no show this last Sunday due to Earthquake related events.

I think there is another event preempting us next week as well. See you in two weeks...

No, See you on November 5th. No show for the next two Sundays. Ok.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Amy The Barista

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This week Amy and I deviate from the script for a change and do something completely spontaneous.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Jerome & The Band That Would Not Be Named

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Warm up last week.

When is Haloween?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Line up for October 15th 2006

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The cameras will be in the house this coming Sunday. If you find yourself in the audience this Sunday, be advised.

I have a call in to Kim Coco Iwamoto. Awaiting a return call.

Jeff Gere will be back this week and he won't be coming alone. In tow will be Less Adam ( on piano) , as well as several story tellers in town to participate in the Talk Story Festival @ McCoy Pavilion this weekend.

The Amazing TJ will Juggle and/or balance things on his face.

Kamuela Kahoano and Green Light Go will throw down some tunes for the room to dig on.

The Joel Show is on deck for another improvisational foray into whatever.

The Girillas say they are coming down to perform and promote their show next week (TBA)

Brian Von Ahsen will return with a band this time. Hope you like it loud and clear.

Niel, AKA Redd Starr, may be cajoled into spittin some syllables at some point.



Monday, October 09, 2006


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Kaptain Chaos

Kaptain Chaos, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Joel, Aloe, Seph One - Freestyle

Joel, Aloe, Seph One - Freestyle

Nine people playing nicely.

Tiare and Jerome

Tiare and Jerome, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Tiare and Jerome James. Oct. 8th


Carol, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

We're high on spraypaint

We're high on spraypaint, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Pre-show activities

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stay Tuned...

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

MEU and the Soap Venus

MEU and the Soap Venus, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Oktober 8th, 2006

October 1 Audience, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Hi there.

Ok, here is a list of possible scenarios for the Okt. 8th show:

(in no particular order)

Ruthe Shiroma sits at the piano this week and introduces the Dark Night audience to her vocal chords. Rumors are circulating that Ruth will be accompanied by Norm Foster (of the Honolulu Symphony) on clarinet.

Jerome James will leave his drums at home and join us on stage with a computer and two vocalists. It's his 30th birthday, he can do what he wants.

I might talk to an artist from France.

Jason Silverstein said he would be there. Were going to share perspectives on stuff. Culture, Drugs, Social Isssues, or none of the above.

Joel will be there. He has a new music video that he shot last week. We, however, haven't the means to share that with you.

Seph One promised to resist becoming enthralled by the compelling mystery of life just long enough to complete his journey to the stage tomorrow. Well, I didn't actually make him promise. I probably should have. Instead of trying to bind Seph One to his words, I opted for the guilt trip (how can you deny such a nice audience your presense? Think of the children...) Well see if it worked tomorrow.

Jeff Gere is gearing up for the annual Talk Story Festival. He will be dropping in to talk about that, and maybe bring a guest story teller.

Amy was supposed to think of something funny to do.

Stay Tuned....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jessie and Brian

Jessie and Brian, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Jessie and Brian From X-factor...

Monday, October 02, 2006


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Excellent show this week, as usual.. Wait, it can't have been excellent and usual. The show generally is excellent, if compared to...

Well, it's hard to compare the show, really, to anything else.

I liked it. Other people said they liked it. So there. You missed it. Elepani was kind enough to record the audio, and Robin filmed it in the documentary style (sans tripod).

More later...


James McCarthy

James McCarthy, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Doolin Rakes

Doolin Rakes, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Kai: 9-24-06

Kai: 9-24-06, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Steven Rosenthal Photo

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, Oct. 1st, 2006 @7:30pm (sharp)

Anna, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Hello peoples.

I set this here blog up to make upcoming events known to those who care about those things.

Dueling Rakes on the stage tomorrow (Oct 1st). -James McCarthy and company get celtic and otherwise in agreeable ways.

Michael Hamilton on T'ai C'hi. What it is, how it's done, and how to spell it.

Lizzie (last name to be announced) gives us a taste of he upcoming one woman show.

Nathan Wheeler talks about how to get involved in social issues in effective ways, among other stuff.

Rumored visit of Seph One.

Joel Spire does it like he does and has been doing as long as I've known him.

Amy the Barista will enter for banter before the break. Her entrance is a mystery this week as always; A strut? A saunter? a particular stride yet undiscovered?


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