Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Willow B&W

Willow B&W, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Willow Chang

Willow Chang 5, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.


Last night was the last show of the year. We will be on break 'til fiuthur notice, January, most likely.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Nov. 19th

Darks_, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.


Malcognitas will be there.

Citizen Fury is booked as well.

Troy DeRoche will play the flute Native American Style, and his wife Liz will tell a story.

Willow Chang will sing or dance, I'm not sure which yet.

It's going to be a hellatios show, and the last one for a bit, I think. We have to take a break to work on the pilot edititing, then there is all the Holiday hubub. So, come while you still can and lets go nuts. There won't be any "official" filming. It may be January before the show happens again.


Stay Tuned...

Thursday, November 09, 2006


DarkMambo, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.



The Malcomitas (sp?) are slated for the next show on the 19th. For the sake of the audience I will ask them not to ask me to dance during their performance. Thank me now, or thank me later...

Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

TJ - The Resurrection

TJ_the_resurrection, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.


No show next Sunday, the 12th of Nov. Preemted by film festival.

We'll be back on the 19th.

Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Amazing TJ

The Amazing TJ, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Troy DeRoche will be in from the island of Hawai'i to deliver native American flute music medicine on the 19th of November:

"De Roche is the epitome of pure beauty in sound" Expressing the traditional values and the spiritual nature of Native American people though music is the goal of Native American flautist Troy "Good Medicine" De Roche. An enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation from Heart Butte Montana, Troy is internationally recognized for his original compositions. He was the first Native American composer to be placed under contract by Zomba Music in London England and was selected by Extreme Music' for their World Music Series. His music has been featured in numerous films world wide. His recordings on the Song Stick label have been consistent sellers. Troy plays from the heart without synthesizer or sampling so the true voice of the flute may be heard.

Liz De Roche has been telling stories since childhood. She is also a published writer and a bead artist. Much of her inspiration comes from her M├ętis heritage. She and Troy are the organizers of the Hilo Inter-Tribal PowWow held each Memorial Day weekend on the Big Island. This is one of the largest free events held on the island of Hawaii where everyone can share in the culture and traditions of Native America.


I know I told people today that they would be on next weeks show, but I forgot who they were....

I'll keep you posted as my memory allows....

In other news...

I'm putting it out there.....

I need help designing a web stie for the show. Is there anyone in the massive readersip of this blog that would be willing to help me in this project?


Stay Tuned...

Monday, November 06, 2006


JEFF GERE, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

We filmed footage for the pilot last night.

Esperitu Libre covered Ooklas spot and did a fine job of it.

I sit on the couch on the stage through the whole show. The latin rhythims were in the hips of Cheryl Bartlet (vocalist for the band) and were moving her very effectively. She turned and caught me appreciating her physical interpretation of the music, then smiled and pointed at me crooking her finger in the come hither manner. I politely declined by shaking my head violently left and right. She wouldn't be denied and persisted as the music played hyptnotically. I again demured by trying to climb behind the couch, but I couldn't break eye contact. Against my will I ceased climbing over the couch and found myself drawn to her. She took my hands and gave instructions and I did my best to follow. I was terrified, close to mortified. but I moved. I think the crowd cheered. I don't remember. I was having a near death experience. She was kind when she saw my terror and told me to spin her so the pressure was off my lack of rhythm.

Yep. We had to be filming last night.

Next weeks line up coming up...

Stay Tuned...


(hold please......)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Remember Remember the 5th of November...

Dark 23, originally uploaded by Dark Sevier.

Hello Earthlings

There will be a show this coming Sunday. The thing starts up again after a three week hiatus.

Ooklah The Moc will not be performing this Sunday.

Neither will Pink Floyd.

Brittney won't be here either.

Ooklah had a scheduling problem.

Pink Floyd and Brittney won't be here for other reasons I won't get into.

We're Filming this week.

Jennifer Perry will be performing. I saw her perform at the Hawaii Theatre last Sunday with Jake Shimabukuro for the world premier of Hula Girls (go to the movie, and bring a hanky).

The Amazing TJ will give his last Dark Night performance before he jets outa here to points beyond.

Waiting for a confirmation from story teller icon, Jeff Gere.

Joel Spire. Call me. Find Seph One please and drag him down here. I called Aloe, awaiting a return.

Malawaina and her melifluous melodies merge into the menagerie.

Other Stuff.

Amy the... that curly haired girl said she'd be there. I asked her what she was gonna do. She wouldn't tell me.

Grock on Steven Rosenthals latest show poster above. Steven, please give us your PayPal account #, because people should be throwing money at you for doing what you do.


Stay Tuned...

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